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About ForthPhaze Technology

ForthPhaze Technology has been the most trusted name in IT Consulting Services for small businesses in the Central Indiana market for over twelve years. As a locally owned and operated business in Bloomington, IN, and with over 45 combined years of experience in IT Consulting, ForthPhaze Technology understands the needs and challenges of your business.

Direct access to IT experts lets you quickly get answers and resolutions to your needs with no hassles. You will never be sold any unneeded hardware or services, creating a genuine partnering relationship.

For large or small businesses and startups, ForthPhaze's IT Consulting Services will give you affordable, reliable access to enterprise-class technical expertise. ForthPhaze will enable you to maximize the business value of your network and technology investments by delivering professional know-how when needed, providing specialized expertise in key applications, and offering unique services with an honest and professional approach. 


Think of ForthPhaze when designing your IT and security infrastructure.  Our team of experts can lead your company through any of the following phases: analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, and operations and maintenance. Most consulting firms can only help you design the networking or security (cameras and access control) infrastructure, not both.  They won't have in-depth knowledge, leading to increased life cycle costs.  Save your budget and use a trusted local company with complete expertise to build it right the first time.

ForthPhaze Technology will maintain a reliable and secure information system to keep your business moving forward.

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Attention to Detail

The cameras they installed caught a vehicle on an early morning parking lot donut drive in the snow.  They just missed company vehicles in the process.  During the seven-minute joyride, we were able to pause the action, zoom in and capture the license plate with amazing clarity. Recommend their camera systems for any business!

Rollie M

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