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Restaurant Surveillance Systems? Do we need it?

Updated: Jun 18

Restaurants and bars have such a high rate of crime and theft because of the increased number of patrons, extended hours, and high staff turnover. Did you know that studies suggest that 75% of restaurant theft is due to employees, resulting in over $6 million in losses per year in the U.S.?

Modern surveillance systems are so sophisticated that owners don't need to be in the building to watch their place. They can be anywhere and watch their feeds as long as they have a cell signal or wifi.

There are many positives to having a modern surveillance system. Employees have been shown to be more productive when they are being watched. Cameras also provide a time/date stamp for each patron that comes and goes from your establishment. Cameras can be placed near registers as well which will deter bad employee behaviors.

Monitoring inventory is another great benefit. Ever wonder why you have to order more products each month as compared to years or months past? Maybe an employee is feeding their friends and family with your product? Wanna learn more about Forthphaze Technology's surveillance camera offerings? all us at 812-558-0468 and talk to our team today!

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